Im back!

Do you ever notice when you do things repeatedly they tend to grow dull? (Sorry, boyfriend I don’t mean you)

You need space away from things to remember why they are so important to you

For example: blogging. Sometimes we get so trapped inside our own busy lives we forget about the things we love to do.

Once our lives slow down, for example, during holiday break- we feel alive and have time to do the things we love like write, drink yogi tea and do yoga… Or honestly sit in silence and let our minds go, go, go until they finally stop. its a great time to practice legs up the wall pose in these instances

I invite you- and myself- to set a time each day to do one of the things you love and sit with yourself for just a few minutes, a journals nice too!

Furthermore- pick one night a week where you have date night with you! Bring on the netflix, the wine, the yoga, the tea…or catch up on all things you love.

Namaste & Happy (non-turkey) Turkey Day,

A happy little vegetarian


No Love

What would you like to hear more about from me? The blog has seemed a little dead for a while and I want to spice things up! Please inform!


^ see I’m flexible 😉

How to Maximize Your Budget In a Festival

here’s my blog all about PR & Festivals if you’d like to get a glimpse into the other side of myself! Leave thoughts, well wishes, all that good stuff

It's a party: festivals and public relations

Today we will talk about the brain aspect of events..the budget! 

Time consuming but so important: no event can live on without the allocated funds to support it.

Here’s a list used from a source as a creditable back-up to what might be common sense to some of you, and a whole new world for those just embarking on the event planning journey. As a good rule, add 20% to each item to account for inflation or unexpected charges.

  1. Site rental costs. Is there a local spot free of charge you can use? Outdoors?

  2. Catering costs. Can you have food and beverages donated?

  3. Document transportation charges. If your guests are traveling on their own, will you pay for parking or make money off of this expense?

  4. Decorations. Will you need decor, wristbands, flowers..?

  5. Document entertainment & equipment fees. Will you need honorariums for your speakers? Be sure…

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Choosing Whats Most Important

By choosing whats most important, Im asking you to do what Ive done this week.

First off: most of us feel so busy we cant even think. But, are we really that busy or are we just using our time wrong? If you spend 5 hours an evening on netflix.. Youre really not that busy.

If you are in bed by 9pm, youre really not as busy as you think.

And yes, these are my examples from my life.

But, we walk around like chickens with our heads cut off because our to-do lists are so long, causing anxiety and all sorts of frustration.

So, you have to do 5 things today- and make it to yoga, what else would you be doing? Laying in bed? Youll have time for that soon enough, and when you do youll more than likely be thinking “Im bored”.

The goal:
What are your stressors?
How do you use your time? (Really, write down what you did each hour)
How could you do it better? (Can you wake up 30 min earlier and knock out your workout?)

Im not suggesting you cut out netflix or downtime.. Its uber important.

K am suggesting you breathe and cut yourself some slack!


“There is more …

“There is more to life than increasing its speed.”
–Mahatma Gandhi

My blog stresses taking time for yourself a few times previously; but this time I mean it. Being productive, making goals and moving forward in life is something that’s immensely important. You won’t be able to accomplish any of these things if you don’t take a break and center yourself. Centered people are happy people.

Weird Mood? Bad Day?

Have you ever just wondered.. What is up with me today? Why am I not in a good mood.. Everyones getting on my nerves! Even me!

(then, you realize youve gotten your monthly gift)

But, none the less.. Here are 5 important things to do to change your funk and alleviate annoyedness:

1. Its OK! No one is in a good mood all the time, don’t force against yourself; accept your mood– your on the way to the end of it already. Nice work.

2. Change your thinking, take a deep breath, Im in a fine mood– smile.

3. Nap with the intention of waking up a new day. No time to nap? Hide your phone for an hour instead.

4. Be productive beyond imagination, dive into work– you dont want to talk to anyone anyway!!

5. Plan a fun hour after your busy day. Single? Yoga or a glass of wine and movie night. Roomates? Taco night or go to dinner! Family? Surprise– were having a pizza making contest! Anything to give you something to
Look forward to and end the “crappy day”.

Keep these in mind next time a funk hits!

Ways to get things done on Sunday night

So, Sunday- the day I normally blog as the week is winding down and things finally become clear.

I don’t know about you, but this weekend was busy as anything! I tried to give myself a pass to relax and NOT be productive today..but it’s just not in my nature. I did manage to sleep until 3 PM almost though so I’m not completely opposed to laziness.

Never the less- something I just did that helped me and may help you too if your next week is busy as the last: premake your meals.

I cooked a big pot of soup, divided it into about 6 servings so I can grab and go healthy food this week. I also cut up cheese and put wheat thins in little bags for easy snacks, grilled mushrooms and onions and made gluten free pasta with gorgonzola and olive oil.

Trust me, when you’re hungry the last thing you want to do is take the time to cook, so by allowing time to make your week easier you’ll be able to eat healthier and breathe easier all week!

To a good week

Vision Board