Blog or Book, That is the Question

At the beginning of each summer, I usually make some lofty goals. Goals that have matured throughout my years from 8-year-old me wanting to make as many friends in the neighborhood as possible on my bike to 18-year-old me wanting to get the best body before entering college.

At 21, going on 22, I entered the LAST summer of my entire life. You know, the real summers, where you don’t have to go to work M-F. Truthfully, I am half of a workaholic because this is coming to you from my internship..on a work computer.

None the less, this summer I created three goals. 1) Be more comfortable being alone 2) Nail a Yoga head stand 3) Write a book.

I truthfully love writing, I use to stay home as a kindergartener and write story after story hoping to be published. (Silly girl) All I really want in life is to write, help others and have a good time. I hope this blog does just that.






2 thoughts on “Blog or Book, That is the Question

  1. Writing and publishing is not silly! Sounds like you were a brilliant child, and are still brilliant as an adult. Go for it. Write and publish. You could help many people!

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