“mix the marvelous with the mundane

Looking for nothing in particular today, I found it- I was struggling with my sinus infection.. Decided to shower and check out this Buddha “documovie”.

Thankfully, I did.

To pass on some of the amazing teachings that stood out to me go as follows:

1. If I knew my glass plate would break, i would cherish every moment with it.

Remember, everyone you love will one day be gone, cherish everyday and moment you have with them- little things don’t matter in the long run.

2. This room, this moment, is nirvana.

You dont have to search for your perfect happiness, learning to live and love every moment of life is simple nirvana.

3. Sit with your feelings

Happiness comes and goes- you can free yourself of suffering by sitting with anger, sadness, jealously, or any negative feeling. Why am I feeling this way? Sit through it and come out positive.

All change must come from within-
Your reality is only your own!

May all beings be happy,


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