Tiny Buddha



Thanks to everyone for the support– I’m motivated to keep writing!


17 thoughts on “Tiny Buddha

  1. loved this article! My two besties and I just had a conversation about this very topic. I’ll be forwarding it to them to read! Wishing you continued awakenings and continued success!! Namaste!

  2. Great post – I reposted on my own blog, with credit to you, of course. I hope that’s okay! Keep writing! Namaste.


  3. This piece is one of the best things I have ever read about meditation. I have never owned a cell phone because I like to be alone to write and I don’t like multitasking, but even when I’m alone, I’m seeking validation from others in my worrying thoughts and desperate need to change.

  4. For someone so young, you are wise beyond your years… Loved your article and will enjoy it often as a reminder. Thank you!

  5. really insightful and accurate article, explicating exactly what I have been thinking in the back of my mind the last couple of months! I was wondering what literature you have been getting back into recently as I have also been doing the same thing ….

  6. Nice article, really got to relate to it, oftentimes I really feel this lump on my throat and feeling it hard to breath due to the demands of the people around me as a mom. The need to be dutiful is really a must. But sometimes I got to thinking what about me…what if I will not do things will they care or will they understand that I also get tired. But still I do the necessary. The tip of an hour to do a thing that I love to be in tune with myself will be worth a try…thanks

    • I think the demands you must be facing are extreme and leave no time for you to be you and “hide from the world”, maybe getting up 20 mins earlier and meditating or just drinking coffee on the porch would help!

  7. Loveliest article to read tonight. Thanks so much for writing. You’re right-on with all of your insights. Ah, if only, what it would be like to suddenly not care so much what others think of me. This is what I long for. This is what I deal with and have dealt with for many moons. Your article helped me re-frame things a bit. Thanks, again. Peace, Love & Strength.

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