Allow yourself …

Allow yourself to feel the wonder, to drink in the beauty and to experience the special time and place where you are. Life is always special, so live it accordingly.

ā€” Ralph Marston

Have you ever noticed once you get sick or something unfortunate happens- you might think “urgh, if only this wasn’t happening I’d be so happy” But..You weren’t before, you needed something to go wrong to realize how right things were prior to the unfortunate event.

Make a list of everything that is right in your life- if you need to, accompany this with a list of all that is “wrong”. I am confident you will find the right list outweighs the wrong. If it does not, think of creative ways to move “wrong” to “right”.

Your list might look something like this:


My family is healthy

My dog is alive (seriously, it can be that simple!)

I had enough money to get gas, go to the grocery store, and enough time to make dinner. (Those chores don’t seem so bad now do they?)


I need to lose 15 lbs. (Motivation for a new you- all around!)

My friend is mad at me. (Can you use this a learning experience?)

I’m not doing well at work. (Are you doing something your passionate about?)

Take the time to write these things out. Truly feel what each one brings up for you. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the amount of “right” and “wrong” in your life- hopefully you can see that nothings ever that black and white. As Marilyn Monroe says, things go wrong so we can learn to appreciate them when they are right; but let’s try to see it beforehand and savor every moment and opportunity for change and growth!

I’ll read your list and turn it optimistic if you struggle šŸ™‚


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