Sunday Blues

Sunday Blues

So, Sunday night..the end to a great weekend!

You might have just returned home from a weekend escape, a nice hide away weekend (You + Netflix= Love), or a party filled weekend. No matter what you did Friday and Saturday, even today- its normal right now to think overwhelmingly.

Dreading the new week is not fun, you’re thinking about all the things you have to do the next are you going to get them all done?

Sunday nights for me consist of usually a lot of resting, once my home is cleaned and my week is totally planned- of course.

How do we make these nights more fun?!
Let’s see..schedule something fun! Just because the “weekend” is over doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to do anything fun. Your week is full, but scheduling something inbetween the hours like yoga, cardio latin dance groove…kickboxing- anything that doesn’t feel like a chore: “Gym” just never makes me want to cross that off my list.

What about planning some dinner dates with your girlfriends? Anything to look forward to. Make a cute calendar so you are excited to figure out what you’ll be doing all week.

Make healthy snacks, pick a great outfit: something to look forward to tomorrow.

Do something off your to do list today. Oh..Now, I’m no longer AS overwhelmed!

How do you like to make Sunday night a little more fun?


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