Weird Mood? Bad Day?

Have you ever just wondered.. What is up with me today? Why am I not in a good mood.. Everyones getting on my nerves! Even me!

(then, you realize youve gotten your monthly gift)

But, none the less.. Here are 5 important things to do to change your funk and alleviate annoyedness:

1. Its OK! No one is in a good mood all the time, don’t force against yourself; accept your mood– your on the way to the end of it already. Nice work.

2. Change your thinking, take a deep breath, Im in a fine mood– smile.

3. Nap with the intention of waking up a new day. No time to nap? Hide your phone for an hour instead.

4. Be productive beyond imagination, dive into work– you dont want to talk to anyone anyway!!

5. Plan a fun hour after your busy day. Single? Yoga or a glass of wine and movie night. Roomates? Taco night or go to dinner! Family? Surprise– were having a pizza making contest! Anything to give you something to
Look forward to and end the “crappy day”.

Keep these in mind next time a funk hits!


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