Choosing Whats Most Important

By choosing whats most important, Im asking you to do what Ive done this week.

First off: most of us feel so busy we cant even think. But, are we really that busy or are we just using our time wrong? If you spend 5 hours an evening on netflix.. Youre really not that busy.

If you are in bed by 9pm, youre really not as busy as you think.

And yes, these are my examples from my life.

But, we walk around like chickens with our heads cut off because our to-do lists are so long, causing anxiety and all sorts of frustration.

So, you have to do 5 things today- and make it to yoga, what else would you be doing? Laying in bed? Youll have time for that soon enough, and when you do youll more than likely be thinking “Im bored”.

The goal:
What are your stressors?
How do you use your time? (Really, write down what you did each hour)
How could you do it better? (Can you wake up 30 min earlier and knock out your workout?)

Im not suggesting you cut out netflix or downtime.. Its uber important.

K am suggesting you breathe and cut yourself some slack!



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