How to Maximize Your Budget In a Festival

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It's a party: festivals and public relations

Today we will talk about the brain aspect of events..the budget! 

Time consuming but so important: no event can live on without the allocated funds to support it.

Here’s a list used from a source as a creditable back-up to what might be common sense to some of you, and a whole new world for those just embarking on the event planning journey. As a good rule, add 20% to each item to account for inflation or unexpected charges.

  1. Site rental costs. Is there a local spot free of charge you can use? Outdoors?

  2. Catering costs. Can you have food and beverages donated?

  3. Document transportation charges. If your guests are traveling on their own, will you pay for parking or make money off of this expense?

  4. Decorations. Will you need decor, wristbands, flowers..?

  5. Document entertainment & equipment fees. Will you need honorariums for your speakers? Be sure…

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