Im back!

Do you ever notice when you do things repeatedly they tend to grow dull? (Sorry, boyfriend I don’t mean you)

You need space away from things to remember why they are so important to you

For example: blogging. Sometimes we get so trapped inside our own busy lives we forget about the things we love to do.

Once our lives slow down, for example, during holiday break- we feel alive and have time to do the things we love like write, drink yogi tea and do yoga… Or honestly sit in silence and let our minds go, go, go until they finally stop. its a great time to practice legs up the wall pose in these instances

I invite you- and myself- to set a time each day to do one of the things you love and sit with yourself for just a few minutes, a journals nice too!

Furthermore- pick one night a week where you have date night with you! Bring on the netflix, the wine, the yoga, the tea…or catch up on all things you love.

Namaste & Happy (non-turkey) Turkey Day,

A happy little vegetarian


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